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and details of PRIORITY BOOKING 
for our members who are also Friends of the Donmar - 
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The Donmar Warehouse + 'Friends of the Donmar' 
and how our Group members benefit by joining the 
Donmar's membership scheme 
The Donmar Warehouse is our favourite theatre - we have joined its Director's Forum scheme and many of our Group have become Friends of the Donmar. Donmar supporters benefit from Priority Booking for all Donmar productions and the Donmar benefits from their members' subscriptions. 
To help us obtain good Donmar seats for our Group on specific dates, some Group members who are also Donmar Friends have agreed to let us use their collective names regularly to make group bookings on their behalf during the priority booking periods. This ensures that we can sometimes offer a number of central seats to our Group members for group visits to the Donmar.  
HOW IT WORKS - When the Donmar's Priority Booking periods open, we make a group booking on behalf of those of our members who are also Donmar Friends, on our chosen dates for all productions in the Donmar's current season. We then offer advance allocation of our Donmar tickets to our Donmar members, one production at a time, so you don't have to pay for several productions at once. Any remaining tickets are offered later to other members of our Group.  
We do not sell any of the tickets we have purchased to the general public. 
for our Friends of the Donmar 
who permit us to use their priority booking facility 
to make advance bookings for our Group 
For all the Donmar productions which we offer to our Group, we shall give you at least a week's advance notice to request tickets before offering any tickets to others - you will be the first to know. 
IN ADDITION we will give you 1 OFF the Top Price for Donmar productions and a 3 reduction on the cost of 'ticket+coach' (up to two tickets per member). We usually also give Friends the same discounts on all the other shows we offer to the Group (one ticket per member). 
We occasionally offer you priority booking too for selected other theatres. 
The prices and discounts will depend upon what the theatres charge us so may vary.  
These arrangements are designed to encourage support of the Donmar and to make it worth your while becoming a Donmar Friend. 
Please mention you are on our Donmar Friends list when booking with us.
If you would like to become a Friend of the Donmar, details can be found at the Donmar website by clicking HERE or on the Donmar logo at the top left - both take you to the Donmar's Support Us section. 
If you join the Donmar's membership scheme and permit us to submit a booking in your name, along with others, please give us details of your Name, Address and, importantly, your Donmar Membership number and renewal date. Of course we can only use your Donmar Friend's priority booking facility if you don't intend to use it yourself.  
As a Thank You, we have the SPECIAL OFFERS for you - see above. 
E-mail your booking requests to 
Please quote your Friends membership number and renewal date when booking.