Better late than never - it's Quiztime again! 
All our questions are related in some way to the shows we have seen in 2019. Of course you won't have seen them all but they have all been advertised on our website and you can see a full list with ads of all our 2019 shows if you click to the page HERE. 
Some answers will need a little investigation but you all have Google at your fingertips. Points will be awarded according to the points you earn, and in case there is a tie, we have a final tie-breaker question to push someone to the winning post. 
There's an extra incentive - you could win a £20 theatre token 
to spend with us this year. 
Switch off Netflix, put your thinking-cap on, and begin remembering what was another full year for our Group visiting London's theatres.We don't expect you to know all the answers but have a go at as many questions as you can, then send us your entry. Maybe the winner will be like Mike and not fill in all the answers. 
Answers must be forwarded to us no later than Tuesday 18 February and we shall announce a winner as soon as possible after that. 
Fredo and Mike 
The ANSWERS to our Quiz are now shown below. 
The maximum score is 40 points. 
A big THANK YOU to everyone who entered 
CONGRATULATIONS to Harriet Marks who scored full points on the Quiz. She will receive a £20 Theatre Token for her splendid effort. A couple of other entries were close behind Harriet but a winner is a winner and many thanks to those of you who had a go - that makes our efforts worhtwhile.
There are 14 questions, so here's your starter for 3 points to get you on your way -
1. She didnít really work in a bank, but she still met a big spender. Who was she? Show, character and actress please. (3 points)
Anne-Marie Duff as Sweet Charity. Charity tells Oscar that she works in a bank.
2. Where exactly did this pair of star-crossed lovers meet? The show and the fictional place please. (2 points)
Matthew Bourneís Romeo + Juliet met in the Verona Institute (A half point if you just said Verona and not Verona Institute)
3. This solo performer had convenient lapses of memory. Who was it and in what context? Name the performer and the production please. (2 points)
Maggie Smith in A German Life. Was the character holding back some uncomfortable truths, or was Dame Maggie collecting her thoughts?
4. A Nobel Prize-winning playwright sent his leading character to the island of Torcello to read the work of a Nobel Prize-winning Irish poet. Name the play, the playwright and the poet. (3 points)
In Betrayal, Harold Pinter sent the leading man to Torcello, where he read Yeats.
5. Who eventually set out with family and many companions to be a stranger in a strange new land? Name the character and the show. (2 points)
Tevye, and his family, and even all the villagers in Anatevka have to leave at the end of Fiddler on the Roof.
6. She said a womanís career was a funny business, but there werenít many back-stage laughs for this actress. Name the character, the performer and the play. (3 points)
Gillian Anderson as Margo Channing in All About Eve.
7. Name the actor who surprisingly spent the night with Joe instead of Joanna. And the play.  
(2 points)
Andrew Scott in Preset Laughter, because of a gasp-inducing gender change in the characters.
8. Which family was confused by the author appearing on a £10 note? Name the family and the author please. (2 points)
The Watsons were amazed that a servant had a £10 note with Jane Austen on it).
9. Who found herself singing the blues while waiting for a West End transfer? Name the actress and the production which transferred please. (2 points)
Busy Sharon D Clarke appeared in Death of a Salesman at the Young Vic, and while waiting for that play to transfer to the West End, appeared in Blues in the Night at the Kiln Theatre.
10. It was awfully nice in Nice, but this couple wanted a room in Bloomsbury! Who were they? Name the characters and the show please. (2 points)
Polly and Tony in The Boy Friend
11. A little boy appeared at a crucial moment in this play wearing a costume which was not appropriate. What was the play? What was he wearing? (2 points)
The play was Appropriate, and he was wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood.
12. On a significant date, a group of passengers arrived at an unexpected destination. Name the date, †the town and the country. (3 points)
The passengers on a flight to New York were forced to land in Gander, Newfoundland, Canada on 9/11 in Come From Away
13. Lucky for some, and especially if you pick up 12 points by recognising the show ads from which these details are taken. All are ads for shows we took you to see in 2019. Please name them. 
A The Watsons
B Big
C Sweet Charity
D The Man in the White Suit
E A German Life
F Blues in the Night
G Hansard
H Bitter Wheat
I A Christmas Carol
J Two Ladies
K Mary Poppins
L The Bridges of Madison County
GOOD LUCK, HAPPY SEARCHING and if we need a tie-break..... 
14. Which show did we sell most tickets for in 2019?  
Matthew Bourne's Romeo + Juliet - 185